Draw Dragons and Werewolves, Unicorns and More

You can draw a dragon, a werewolf, a unicorn, and more, using the drawing lessons on these pages. See how easy it is to draw when you use photos as references.

As you can see below, there are other things to do on this site besides learning how to draw. We have free animal clip art, some fun critter games and movies, and a section about weird animals. You can also find some free wildlife art to download to your computer. Check it out:

online drawing lessonsThese online drawing lessons teach you to draw your favorite magical animals from the Harry Potter books. You can learn about ancient mythology while you draw your very own versions of these magic creatures.

weird animalsThe weird animals in this section aren’t mythical. They may not look like someone made them up, but they’re very real – and very weird. Learn about these strange and wonderful creatures.

Free Lion PrintFree wildlife art: Lion, squirrel and deer (and Pegasus, but you’ll have to hunt for him). You can also download two free ebooks – one of the books include all the drawing lessons on this site in printable form, the other ebook is an 83 page document containing many wildlife¬† illustrations from A Book of Natural History.

wolf clip art
Free animal clip art , including the handsome wolf clip art shown here. Fish, apes, birds, and more – some are beautiful paintings that you can use freely in your school reports or web design.

Online Games Play online games, watch silly movies, and just mess around for a while. Aesop’s fables, create-a-critter game, wildlife tracking quiz, and a really dumb movie about a really big bird.