Free Clip Art – Birds

Click on a thumnail to see the full-sized free clip art image. The bird drawings and paintings on this page came from the beautiful illustrations in the 1902 reference book, A Book of Natural History. You can download a printable ebook containing 83 pages of illustrations from this book, by clicking here.

bald eagle clip art Bald eagle
300 X 283
blackbird clip art Blackbird
400 X 382
bobolink clip art Bobolink
300 X 262
condor clip art Condor
450 X 178
condor painting clip art Condor Painting
320 X 500
hummingbird clip art Hummingbird
500 X 207
bird's nest clip art Bird Nest
350 X 368
bird's nest clip art Bird Nest
400 X 373
oriole clip art Oriole
300 X 348
quail clip art Quail
350 X 353
rooster clip art Rooster
350 X 212
swallow clip art Swallow
400 X 232
umbrella bird clip art Umbrella Bird Painting
321 X 500
woodpecker clip art Woodpecker
350 X 499
woodpecker painting clip art Woodpecker Painting
318 X 500