Free Clip Art – Fish and Sea Life

Click on a thumbnail to see the full-sized free clip art image. The fish and sea life drawings and paintings on this page came from the beautiful illustrations in the 1902 reference book, A Book of Natural History. You can download a printable ebook containing 83 pages of illustrations from this book, by clicking here.

fish clip art Fish
400 X 144
lamprey clip art Lamprey
400 X 200
octopus clip art Octopus
400 X 184
sticklefish clip art Sticklefish
500 X 358
sticklefish clip art Sticklefish
400 X 479
sticklefish clip art Sticklefish
350 X 406
sunfish clip art Sunfish
450 X 218
trout clip art Trout
300 X 255
manatee clip art Manatee Painting
321 X 500