Great Online Artists and Tutorials

Recommended sites that I’ve found while surfing the Web: Do you ever run across web pages that are so interesting and fun, you just have to tell people about them? That’s what this page is for – I think these pages are just too wonderful to pass up: Digital images of bugs – taken with … Read more

Two Free Drawing Books to Download

Download the drawing lessons in a printable pdf file by right-clicking on the link below. Then save the file to your desktop: Drawing Lessons from – which includes the drawing lessons for all the magical Harry Potter animals on this site. It’s a convenient way to print out the lessons and practice your art. … Read more

How to Draw a Unicorn

The Unicorn of mythology was originally a much smaller creature than a horse, and was related to the goat or deer. She was a very secretive woodland creature, and her horn could cure humans who had been poisoned. She had the tail of a lion. In mythology she was associated with purity and truth. According … Read more

How to Draw the Boa Constrictor from Harry Potter

Snakes may not seem like magical animals because they are seen so often in the real world, but people from Australia to the Middle East have been imagining magical powers in this animals for thousands of years. This critter also plays a huge part in the Judeo-Christian Creation Story, one of the oldest stories there … Read more

How to Draw Scabbers, the Rat from Harry Potter

Rats aren’t usually considered magical creatures. They are the subject of nightmares for many people, and have a central role in the very non-magical book 1984 by George Orwell. They also star in some of the world’s greatest disasters, by bringing the plague-infested fleas from Asia to Europe by catching rides on ships. They also … Read more

How to Draw Hedwig, Harry Potter’s Snowy Owl

Owls have played an important role in mythology, often as creatures bringing news to humans. News of death, usually. Because they are very good hunters, and almost always hunt at night, they have been connected with all things dark and scary. In fact, many people still shiver when they hear the hooting of an owl! … Read more

How to Draw a Griffin

The Griffin (also spelled griffon or gryphon) is a magical animal that comes equipped with the hind end of a lion and the front end of an eagle. This would cause the beast some probl ems, I’m sure, because, if you’ve ever eaten a chicken and seen it’s bones, you know that the legs on … Read more

How to Draw a Werewolf

The Werewolf has been scaring the socks off people for thousands of years. But what exactly is the difference between a Werewolf and a regular wolf? They look exactly the same, which means we don’t have to mix and match animal parts for the Werewolf, the way we do for the Dragon, Unicorn and Gryphon. … Read more

How to Draw a Dragon from the Harry Potter Books

Dragon pictures have been drawn and painted for thousands of years. In fact, there have been reported sightings of dragons from all parts of the world from ancient times, and the dragon pictures you see in books were often used to record these sightings (they didn’t have cameras way back then) When we look at … Read more

How to Draw A Magical Cat from the Harry Potter Books

The cat has been associated with witches for thousands of years. In fact, for centuries it was believed that witches could turn into cats whenever they wanted to. As cats, the witches could sneak around their enemies’ homes in the dark of night, causing all sorts of mischief and grief. This belief is the main … Read more

Draw Fluffy – The Three-Headed Dog

J. K. Rowling borrowed an ancient Greek myth of a Three-Headed Dog for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. He was originally known as Cerberus, and he guarded the gates of Hades to keep living people out. The Greek version also had the tail of a serpent, a detail that J.¬†K.¬†Rowling did not include, (although … Read more

Draw Mythical Animals from the World of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to draw magical animals in a lifelike way, just like the professionals do it? Well, that’s what this site is all about. We’re going to learn how to draw unicorns, dragons, gryphons – and even a magical Three-Headed dog like the one J. K. Rowling called Fluffy. Wow … Read more